Well after talking to some of my more knowledgable coworkers at the pet store I work for I got to thinking. The last blood test Randy had did come back with high creatinine. His BUN however was completely normal. The vet said it could be for a "variety of reasons" and had no conclusive idea of what it could be. Does anyone have any idea?

I'm starting to think this is kidney failure. He fits the profile, no muscle mass in his legs, trouble walking, yowling, increased thirst(he's been finishing his bowl of water in a day or two which is abnormal for him). Right now he has started yowling every five minutes tonight. I am going insane from this. I love my cat so much but he's just not the same as he was. I really should try taking him to another vet again, but funds are really tight since my boyfriend lost his job(we have 2,000 dollars less a month now than we did!) and things have been tough.

Any more thoughts? Thanks again guys for all your support.