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Thread: Olive =/= Green

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    I am guessing it's probably a similar phenomenon to birds with blue feathers. They're a structural color, as almost no birds have actual "blue" pigment in them, but people still call that blue.

    I think olive is a great way to describe the color of these geckos. Even though olive is technically in the green spectrum, it's probably the most appropriate way to describe how they appear to the eye. Green can imply a vivid green, but olive is a more drab green that makes sense as a descriptor.

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    Name:  Green Crestie.jpg
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    Sorry for bringing back such an old thread! Just had to show off my newest boy! Even fired up he is a forest green, dark, but definitely green. Can't wait to see what I get from his pairing to my creamsicles! Doesn't seem like a dominant trait, but I can't wait
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