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Thread: Broke Up

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    Now an old person's point of view. You're going through a horrible time, and it's a pain like no other. You will always have love in your heart for this guy, even if he doesn't deserve it. But the pain subsides, and, as others have said, you'll find a real man.
    When I went through this 25 years ago, I would have loved to have a forum like this to pour my thoughts into. A therapist would've been fantastic. I wrote long letters about how I felt, then threw them away. So, as long as you're comfortable talking about it, we'll be here to listen and help in any way we can. If you're ever in St. Louis, I'd be happy to eat huge amounts of junk food with you!


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    Sweetie, he's a dumbass going back to the same place he was before - he's moving BACKWARDS (probably because he has loose ends that never got tied up with her - not because she's a good partner) and YOU Are moving FORWARDS.

    And as for your dad and best friend...ok, thats weird and uncomfortable. I'd be grossed out. Your dad should be more ..grown up than that.

    YES YES YES about the Save it for a BABY" thing.
    Thats exactly really it - I think that girls want to take care of losers because they have maternal instincts. I love my husband, but I'll tell you that once I had a kid I needed him a hell of a lot less than i did before. That rush of love - its all intended to be for kids. I think its hardwired in us to make us good mothers.

    You need to be MAD at that a**. Seriously, the way out of heartbreak is through anger. Think of how he cheated on you? What a D*CK! Think of every crappy thing he ever did. And get pissed off. When you start wallowing in self pity, think about those CRAPPY THINGS and turn your self pity into justifiable anger. I SWEAR THIS WORKS. It will help you to see him for what he is and stop loving him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goReptiles View Post
    He wasted 2.5 years of my life
    It was not wasted. During this time you found out what a wonderful person you are and what you are capable of. You handled things amazingly well for all the stuff you went thru. Also think of it this way, NOW you don't have to spend anymore time with that douche. He will regret the day he treated you wrong and it will be too late for that. Like others have said he was a boy needing someone to take care of him. Just focus on yourself right now, do your thing, life will continue.

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    I'm sorry this happened to you. But as a woman to another, no one deserves a significant other that does not cherish you and make you feel loved always. As Thomas Edison said:
    I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
    You just found one guy that doesn't deserve you.
    I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward
    Now you know what to not go for, a loser that doesn't treat you like the beautiful precious person you are.
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    After my divorce and two very bad boyfriends who both left their marks, I was urged to see a counselor. He made a good point. Not only where these guys not right for me, but I was not right for them. Now on first read that may sound a bit off but for me it made it ok to have "failed" at all of my efforts to make things work. And I was willing to do almost anything. Rather stupid really. It made it ok since yeah, if it isn't there you can't force it.
    I still have not found the one person I can trust. But, as I told the last bad one when I finally had the pride to walk away "I would rather be miserable for a little while mourning for the relationship than to be miserable with him every day!"
    He told me that i had a bad attitude in return. Really? Not!
    Hang in there, it will get better.
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