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Thread: Should Pit Bulls be banned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misskiwi67 View Post
    What the hell is a super duper rare, very valuable show rabbit doing where dogs have access to it??????

    If a dog gets loose and damages property, the owners should pay for it.

    When children get loose and damage property, parents should pay for it.

    Be responsible for your property and you won't have to pay!!
    The rabbit was on leash playing with the owner in the front yard. owner was being very responsible. BUT that is not the point is it, the point is that this dog killed a families pet because its owner was not being responsible, and will do so again. If the dog is a danger to others, it should be removed from society. The owner has proven they are incompetent, and unable to keep the dog secured. Not much choice there. If a human goes around killing, it should be removed from society, same with a dog.

    Yes the owner should pay for the murdered pet, but again what price to you put on watching you favorite baby torn apart before you eyes. And if it is a 10 dollar critter, what is really the intensive for the owner to keep control of their dog because the fines are quite minor. Again it is not the dog fault that it was so poorly raised, but it is a danger to others, and needs to be made not one.
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    If a dog should be euthanized for being a danger to rabbits... then 99% of dogs should be euthanized. And hawks, and owls, and foxes, and cats that are let outside for that matter. It's a danger to a common prey animal. not a savage beast. How is it different from a dog chasing down a rabbit at a park or in a hunting field?

    I'm sorry. I'm really not trying to be rude. I just really do not understand this rationalization. The animal should receive no harsher punishment than it would if it wandered into a yard with no rabbit in it... aka the owner should be cited and fined. A dog going after a rabbit is a far cry from a dog biting a person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crestielovely View Post
    Why should either animal be punished? The people made the mistakes, not the animals. So because a person was irresponsible, the dog should be killed?
    Exactly, and stated better than I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misskiwi67 View Post
    And what are the statistics on ALL dog breeds?

    Denver has had a long-standing pit bull ban, and it has been unsuccessful in stopping dog bites. Why is this? Because DOGS bite, not just pit bulls.

    From the Platte Institute:

    I read your links, and responded. Did you read my links or are you going to continue to spout bad references and ignore solid evidence?
    Denver has a pit bull and are (hopefully) going to be over turning it by the end of the year. It has not done anything to decrease bits, the way they thought it would. Instead they are killing a ton of innocent animals. Last week we got 9 pittie puppies from Dumb Friends League (in denver), if we hadn't taken these 9 healthy 8 week old puppies they would have been forced to euthanize them.
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    To the OP:

    You seem obsessed with the story of the pregnant woman who may or may not have been killed by her pit bull. Ok, fine.

    But have you personally had a bad experience with a pit, or any other bully breed for that matter?

    I guess I don't understand why it's such a big deal if the dog did kill the woman. Dogs kill a few people every year. So does lightning. Are you going to stay in your house in a little bubble so nothing bad ever happens to you? IMO, that's not a good way to live one's life. I could drive down the road and be killed today, does that mean I shouldn't drive?

    I honestly don't understand the fear of a breed of dog, unless you yourself or someone you know was hurt or killed by one. I have no fear of dogs, but I am warry of white german shepherds, since one almost killed my sister. If one comes into the clinic (like yesterday), I don't have a panic attack, I just think about what happened to her and remember any dog can be dangerous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by that_girl View Post
    To the OP:

    You seem obsessed with the story of the pregnant woman who may or may not have been killed by her pit bull. Ok, fine.

    I am just tiered of seeing people being mauled and killed by dogs. I think everyone should be concerned that a pregnant woman lost her life, why not?

    But have you personally had a bad experience with a pit, or any other bully breed for that matter?

    My sister is a Pit Nutter, her dog is everything that people that love pit bulls say they are. She is loyal, affectionate, healthy, eager to please, like to play, and seems to like people. I say seems to like people because she does have flaws, I have witnessed her attack for no reason and have seen how simple playing can quickly get out of hand once her dormant natural instincts take control. My sister would laugh and say her dog was just a good judge of character, until she got out and bit the neighbor while he was mowing his lawn, then she made other excuses.

    My nick name is Dobey because I have always had Dobermans. I have worked with and owned aggressive dogs in the past, but at this point in my life I have lost the tolerance for any dog that shows any aggression. One of my Dobermans went for my wife after my first son was born, that dog is dead.

    I guess I don't understand why it's such a big deal if the dog did kill the woman. Dogs kill a few people every year.

    Guess the difference between you and I is that I do care that this woman and her unborn baby lost their life needlessly and the hundreds of other innocent victims of maulings and canine homicide, many of whom had not even owned a dog themselves.

    Pit Nutter

    The hallmark trait of the pit nutter is their unwillingness to accept the genetic heritage of the pit bulldog (ie, it's all how you raise 'em) or their inability to see the death and destruction their pit bulldogs create as anything other than collateral damage that the rest of society must absorb so that the pit nutter can enjoy the freedom of owning a killing machine.

    Pit Nutters often dress their dogs up in tutus, hitting the streets and forcing them upon the non-pit nutter population in an attempt to indoctrinate others, not unlike religious cults.

    My response is in bold.
    “they who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither nor safety”

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    Since we're now devolving into insults ("nutter"? Really necessary?) I'm shutting the thread down. Please do not start another one.

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