No real naming theme
The geckos are:
Shiner-(after the beer....oh how I love shiner.....and Shiner.....)
Heffalump-(stole it off of somebody around here but I looked up at the gecko and it stuck in my head)
The Cheat-(yes it is "The Cheat" no matter the context)

The Dog is Mae. But she responds to several nicknames such as sha-mae-mae and little

The tortoise is Flower because I was amused naming something looking vaguely like a rock after a flower

The snakes are
Morticia (Mortimer? never bothered to find out)
and an unnamed jungle carpet.

Waiting for one name to stick is my usual process.

Not to knock the thread EVEN MORE off topic but:

Pumpkin: I even named a few of the gamebirds I conducted my master's research on. Most were numbers based on their radio-transmitter identification but a few stood out. Elvis, Buzz (carried off by an owl....poor Buzz), and Devil Bird (who I hate to this day) come to mind.

As to the reactive water being science thing, after skipping around in the youtube video, they look like snowflakes to me! For some truly convincing evidence you're going to have to go smaller. Like atomic level for the basic water crystal shape. Think of it like a bunch of legos. I can put legos together into a whole bunch of different shapes when linked together, but when I break it down small enough the legos are still legos. If you can broadcast positive energy into a bunch of "legos" and come up with a "lincoln log" thats something.

Maybe we can throw down on this in another thread though..... or not. Lego would be a fun gecko name though.