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Thread: Substitute for chlorhexidine?

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    Default Substitute for chlorhexidine?

    Hi, all. I tried to order a 32-oz bottle of chlorhexidine cleaner from Pangea, but apparently they don't ship it internationally. I live in Ontario, Canada, and apparently (according to a breeder at a recent reptile show) in Canada you need a prescription to get chlorhexidine. Weird.

    Anyway, he also mentioned a cheap subsitute that you can buy at any pharmacy, and that works pretty much the exact same way. Doctors and vets use it for disinfecting wounds, and it has a bit of a "hospitaly" smell. Any ideas about what this is? What are some other good ways to disinfect my 29-gallon terrarium, plants, vines, hides, etc.? Also, are there some things that shouldn't be used on the glass/feeding tray/water dish? I presume things like lemon is okay, maybe even vinegar? Or is straight warm/hot water fine?


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    If it has a residual odor (the hospitaly smell) then I personally wouldnt use it I would be concerned for the gecko's more delicate (than ours) respitory system...
    Just use a mild bleach/water solution then allow to air and it will do the job of disinfecting fine
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    Mmmm, good point about the smell. I don't like that smell, so my crestie probably won't either :P Yes, bleach/water would be the simplest, that's for sure. Thanks

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    I think the alternative that you're thinking of is Hibitane, which is an antibacterial skin cleanser. Some vets may also sell it, especially in larger quantities than what may be available at the pharmacy.

    Personally I like to clean with a vinegar and water solution.
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    Ahhh yes I think that's it! I'll stick to bleach/water and vinegar/water

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    Quote Originally Posted by derbysanchez View Post
    Ahhh yes I think that's it! I'll stick to bleach/water and vinegar/water
    I too use the vinegar/water solution. It's cheap and works great for me.
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