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Thread: Freakin' Petsmart!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrevorGowe View Post
    That's ridiculous.

    Some snakes WILL NOT EAT f/t. You don't like it? Tell your company to stop selling snakes they don't intend to sell food to down the road; then take up your cause with mother nature.
    You realize this is a post from 2011, right? And I won't be telling the company anything as I don't work there anymore and haven't since not very long after that post. I'm not against feeding live when it's required, but it's totally the right of Petco/Petsmart to not carry live feeders. If you have an issue with it, go take it up with them instead of dredging up an old post.

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    Default frozen reptile food delivery

    for all you looking for quantity and good quality fresh frozen pinkies all sizes of mice,rats,chickens,and rabbits go take a look a rodent i buy my extra large rats for my red tail boa there. shipping is a little expensive but they will send them straight to your door. if you have a seperate freezer to keep your reptile food in,i would use as much space in your shipping box to minimize your cost of shipping. i have used them for years and always got quality fresh,frozen reptile food. the reason i posted this is, i came across your posts on problems finding food for your reptile. just trying to help. you can order a years worth if you want depending on the size of animal you are ordering and if you have the space.on the site it is self explanatory. i hope this helps somebody,i know how it can be a pain to search for a steady source of frozens. peace

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