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Thread: Sick Crested Gecko

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayne241 View Post
    I'm sorry for repeating it, I've heard it so often from so many people I was pretty certain it was true. People who said they work as vet techs have said that they get free food based on how much they sell. One vet tech said they didn't care if it was free, they wouldn't feed that stuff to their dog anyway.
    In school, the Naturapet student representative (maker of EVO, California Natural etc.) was the ONLY student rep that was paid. Nobody ever seems to think this is a problem, because everyone loves EVO like its gods gift to dog food (personally, I hate it, and I feed grain free).

    We get a 20% discount from EVERY company, and I have not heard of any programs based on how much you sell... not even when attending conferences and such.

    Its no different than any other drug or product out there.

    I don't feed science diet either... but when my rat had a tooth abscess and surgery last week, you bet your buns he was getting a/d the night of surgery. It has its place, and the prescription diets are lifesaving.

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    My clinic uses "Insectivore Fare" for sick/recovering reptiles, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, etc. that are insectivores. It comes in a sort of "moist pellet", and for very ill animals, we mash it into a puree with warm water and syringe feed.

    Unfortunately, not all vets are as versed on Crestie care/health issues as they are on the more common beardies, leopard geckos, Iggies, etc. Perhaps you could refer your vet to Pangea's caresheets so that he can research and learn more for for the next client that comes in with a sick crestie.
    Sadly, many pet stores give out a lot of poor info and thats how these things happen. Many people don't realize until too late... so to the OP, don't beat yourself up. You did exactly the right thing, the best thing you could do was care for the animal as soon as you saw there was an issue. And most of all, you want to learn from this and not repeat it.
    I'm very sorry for your loss, he was a beautiful gecko, but he didn't die in vain. You know now how to give much better care for the next little crestie you bring into your family, if you do decide to down the road. RIP, pretty gecko.
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    I'm sorry he died. He was an adorable animal.

    But why did you wait an entire year to find out what he should be eating?

    Why did you wait until he had swollen limbs, twisted hips, and was stunted and dwarfed and on death's door before you bothered to google "Crested Gecko"

    I can give the vet blame for his terrible treatment plan, being instrumental in this geckos recent demise, but I blame YOU for not knowing the first thing about the species (They are frugivores) as the reason for his overall terrible health and quality of life.

    The pictures made me sad. He is one of the worst cases I've ever seen.

    When I was a kid, we read a book, or went online and read caresheets about animals we wanted to take home with us. We were not allowed to buy things the same day we "picked" them out.

    What example did you set for your kids by not doing research about an animal you had for a year, until two days before he died?
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    It does look like a condition that took awhile to develop, not overnight, so it is quite sad to see he wasn't given help sooner. Also, to forgo the calcium injection wasn't really the best idea. I understand being tight on money, but you could have asked someone to borrow the extra $50 or whatever it was.

    Still, I'm guessing the person/store the OP purchased him from said keeping him entirely on crickets was the correct thing to do. A lot of people still trust the word of pet store employees, which most more knowledgeable pet owners know aren't always very accurate when it comes to the care information of the animals. Unfortunately he found this out far too late.

    Take it as a lesson learned to research any pet's care from MULTIPLE sources.
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    I'm very sorry for your loss. I'm glad that you tried as hard as you could to get the little guy some help as soon as you figured out something was wrong. I had done a TON of research on my little Hobbes before I got him, but I still lost him due to improper care on my part. I thought I was doing the right thing by putting him in a tall, hexagonal 2.5 gallon that was meant for a betta fish that I modified for a gecko, but due to my improper managing of humidity levels he got dehydrated and died.

    So I can sympathize with you - sometimes you can do all the research you want, love these little guys and do whatever you can once you figure out there's a problem. And I know I blame myself for little Hobbes' death - I was misting once or twice a day but I didn't buy a hydrometer so I didn't realize that wasn't enough until it was too late. Nothing anybody says on here can make you feel worse than you already feel. I'm very sorry for your loss.

    I also applaud you for going back to the vet and to the petstore to try and prevent others from going through this.

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