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Thread: Sick Crested Gecko

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    Default Sick Crested Gecko

    Hi. First time here as I am worried about my crested gecko. We've had him for about a year now, and in the past few days he has become lethargic and doesn't eat. He usually climbs and hides in various places, and a few days ago he was just laying flat in the ground, which seemed weird. Also, his breathing seemed irregular and labored. He also developed some white markings on his back which where not there before. We thought they might be scarring from a fall or scrape? He has a lot of sticks and logs in his cage and jumps hard when he hunts. I moved him to a smaller box to keep an eye on him, and noticed he wasn't eating the crickets. So now I am manually feeding him CGD and drops of water. He seemed a little better the first day after drinking and eating. He seemed be swallowing hard at times. This morning he didn't look good again, and I hand fed him again with CGD and water.

    So I did some research online, and I feel really horrible, as I am learning that I should have been feeding him CGD this whole time, and instead I've been giving him crickets. I had tried CGD but he didn't eat it, and I *thought* it was just a supplement, so I never forced it. He ate crickets voraciously so I thought he was fine. Now I am assuming he is calcium deficient or has MBD. The more I look at him, I see a swollen left forearm and hump near the end of his back.

    I'm completely heartbroken that I have malnourished him. I will continue to hand feed him CGD and hopefully he gets stronger, and if recovers, I will continue to feed him mostly CGD.

    I'm going to get some calcium now (that's ok to give in addition to the CGD, right?). Should take him the vet right away? Or maybe wait for a stool sample (I haven't seen any poop in the 2 days he's been in the smaller box). Or see if the calcium helps first? Any other insight or suggestions?

    Pics attached. He has a little coco fiber on him, and is a little wet from me trying to wash it off for the photos.
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    I would take him to an experience herp vet (you can find out if there is one in your area by looking online or calling your local vets) and seeing if you can get a liquid calcium supplement to give orally.

    I would also recommend x-rays to look for fractures (MBD makes bones weak) and intestinal impaction.

    Keep syringe feeding the CGD until you are able to see a veterinarian. : Color, Contrast, Structure
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    I second the vet suggestion. He does not look good. All of his limbs are swollen. Get him to a good vet ASAP.

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    he looks rough def in bad shape. for sure get him to a vet he will need some good treatment to recover.
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    Oh poor baby, he does look bad! All his limbs and his mouth look swollen and his back is bent. I would say he definitely looks bad enough for a visit to a good herp vet. You can find a link to a list somewhere on this site, maybe do a search or someone will post it.

    The vet will be able to prescribe prescription-strength calcium supplements if it's called for. That will be a lot safer than trying to figure out dosages yourself. You are on the right track though with the CGD. (I'm not sure I would syringe-force-feed unless a vet told you to. IMO there's a danger of aspiration.)

    ETA: I wouldn't wait for a stool sample or to see if the calcium will help. He looks bad. And I don't think a stool sample is necessary.
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    It's I just had to take one of my little girls into the vet today for an infection, and that's where I found the local exotics vet.

    I agree, get him in to see the vet as soon as you can, and best of luck!!!

    If you can take a stool sample great, but I wouldn't wait for one before going. You can always bring one back in later.

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    He needs to see an experienced herp vet, pronto.

    Also, dont add anything to the CGD. Adding things throws off the ratios of the food and causes more harm than good.

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    In that last picture, is it me or does his tail look like it was twisted to the side? Might just be a weird angel.

    He's a very pretty boy, I hope he can recover from it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elise.m View Post
    In that last picture, is it me or does his tail look like it was twisted to the side? Might just be a weird angel.
    I noticed the same thing. Get him to a vet quick!
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    Thank you all so much for your prompt and helpful replies! I checked (what a great resource!) and luckily there was a vet just 20 min away and still open. Vet confirmed MBD and prescribed a vitamin shot, calcium shot and subcutaneous fluid shot on the spot, and then a/d food and calcium drops for home. Sadly, I could not quite afford it all, so vet said we could forgo the calcium shot and fluid shot if we made sure he did well with his calcium drops and water. So he got his vita shot there, and now we give him calcium drops, a/d food, CGD and water, all via syringe, twice daily. He also recommended a temp of 85-90 during recovery, but from what I've read online, that seems scarily high, so I will compromise with 80. He also recommended daily 20 minute warm water baths. All the added warmth to help his body recover and digest. He said he looked pretty bad and still may not make it, and I agree he looked his worst at the vet's (turning pale gray and floppy). But he looks a little better after all of his treatments tonight, so we are still very worried, but hopeful... Thanks again everyone...

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