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Thread: Expo grab (W/TIP!)

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    Default Expo grab (W/TIP!)

    I went to the Seattle Reptile Expo in Renton, WA on Saturday and found this little leachie gem. She's a Henkeli X Pine Island mix and weighs in at 32.9 grams, born 4/20/2010.

    TIP: Bait & switch... I had been telling my wife that she should be mentally prepared for me to spend somewhere between 2 to 3 thousand dollars at the Expo. In reality, I spent less than $500 total out the door; I got the things I wanted, and my wife was SOOOOOO HAPPY that I ONLY SPENT $500! She's still dancing! lol

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    Thats a really nice looking leachie!

    Though I'm a tad confused. Henkeli X Pine is not a mix. Henkeli is not a local its a subspecies as in the name is Rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli. I would assume by the label you got a 'Unknown henkeli x Pine island' mix.
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    Really nice congrats
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    Very nice !
    Leachies are so cute when they are little.

    Some of them seem to keep that certain cuteness..

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