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Thread: I really want a Red-Tailed Boa....but

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    I have a hogg Island female, and she is just a tad over 5 feet. The nice thing about hoggs is that, not only are they GORGEOUS (love the hypo) but they dont get as girthy as mainland redtails of the same length. A very handable, very friendly snake. She's a little hissy in her cage, but its all show. She's never bitten. Once she's out she loves to lay on my futon and watch netflix with us.

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    i recommend these Brazilian rainbow boa,carpet python,blood python or maybe a ball python?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderbird View Post
    Hoggs are a great choice for a smaller boa. Even the females rarely push 7 feet and they are a much more slender boa (with beautiful colors).

    I would not recomend a nic or a central american.. I've had several of both species and they are not very tolerant of handling or being messed with at all.

    There are many boas that stay small, do some research. Also get a male, they will stay much smaller than a female.
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    Mike I say go get a I love my Rupert, and as said just get a male they will stay smaller. Or second choice get a hogg island, although I have heard from other people they are a bit more boring than a RTB...although in their defense snakes are not as interactive or interesting to watch as a gecko or a beardie.

    The Rainbow boa is a good suggestion, I really want one myself, simply beautiful animals, but next on my list is a hognose!
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    I had a Hogg Island for many years....It was smaller than some other boas, but it wasn't "small" by any means.

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    There are many locals of "dwarf" red tail boas. I recomend buying the new boa book;

    Best book on RTB and their locales ever made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaoticNightsReptile View Post
    There are many locals of "dwarf" red tail boas. I recomend buying the new boa book;

    Best book on RTB and their locales ever made.
    Heh, I wanna buy that, but that price tag..ouch! Maybe it'll come down soon. The author is the breeder of my boa, which really makes me want to read it.

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    I have a Nicaraguan Dwarf Boa and I bought him as a couple month old hatchling - he's never bitten me, hissed, or shown a strike pose unless he smells food right in front of his nose, and I take him out for hours on end if I want to, and that's including right after he was shipped to me. I bought him for exactly the same reason as you - I don't like the size of the Red Tails, but I think they're gorgeous. I love my Nic to death, he's the best snake I've ever owned.

    They may not all be as nice as mine, though. I think I just got lucky, from all the things I hear about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allhallows View Post
    They look like they get HUGE! A snake thicker than my leg is just not for me at this point. I'd be afraid it could constrict my 1 year old or something. Are they any Boa's that are as pretty as the Red Tails (or locals) that are smaller in size and thickness? The snakes aggressiveness is also a factor. Needs to be a nice reptile!

    Recommendations are appreciated! Pics are really appreciated. If I can't find anything, I may just get a really pretty Ball Python.
    Two words: CAULKER CAY.

    Someone posted a photo of a 6 month old that looked like a baby normal size RTB. They are a darker, almost anery like. And I believe females top at 5 feet, males about 3, last I checked.

    Also, female boas get thicker than males, and bigger.

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