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Thread: Green tree pythons

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmciliatus View Post
    I've recently been researching GTPs and ETBs in the hopes of owning at least one in the next couple years. I would have to say that I am leaning more towards ETBs then GTPs for a couple reasons. First, I like the look of the ETBs more. Second, the last time I went to the local reptile show there was a breeder there who had dozens of GTPs, not to mention I have even seen them in local pet shops as well. I really want to work with a species that you don't see too often. ETBs from what I've notice are a bit more expensive then GTPs but would be totally worth it. I've been talking with a breeder and she gave me step by step instructions on how to build an enclosure for them (exact same that she uses with all of hers) so I think after I buy a house this spring I am going to get started on that. I can't comment on temperment though, I have heard that GTPs tend to be on the nastier side of things but like most people said, it's all about getting them used to you. I've had crested geckos that can get pretty nasty when not handled on a regular basis as well, they are just small enough not to draw blood.
    Emeralds can be pretty bad too. Their teeth are longer too. As far as temperament, locality can even play a huge part with the chondros. Most biaks I've worked with are awful. Strike at anything that moves. They are the ones you should wear goggles around. Typically the arus, sorongs, etc. can be nippy while on their perch but are rather docile when off.

    The price tag is tremendous, but the amazon basin ETB's I've worked with have all been gorgeous AND more docile than any other arboreal snake I've ever worked with. Only time I've almost been bitten was feeding by hand. Never used a hook or anything else on them either.

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    Yeah, I really want an amazon basin ETB but I am definitely not ready to drop that kind of money on one snake. Northerns are a bit less expensive though. Although, I was just checking out signal herp and I did not realize there were so many different GTPs and some of them are absolutely amazing. It's a good thing I still have a ways to go before getting one as it will give me plenty of time to make up my mind.
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    Regarding temperment and handling, a lot depends on your expectations. If you are used to reaching in and grabbing the snake, like you would a corn snake, then you are in for a rude awakening in most cases. Here are a couple vids I took for a potential buyer for this animal not too long ago.

    This is what I consider the typical behavior at night. I would highly suggest never trying to handle at night, and would avoid even opening the cage/tub unless you intend to feed.

    This is what I consider typical daytime behavior for most chondros, although I have one in my collection I wouldn't even try this with. Just remove them by cupping them from underneath and coaxing them off the perch. Never try to grab and pull them from the perch. Same can be said for ETB's.

    As for being a beginner snake, they can absolutely be excellent beginner snakes. I never really bought into the beginner vs. advanced line of thinking. If you do the research, any snake, even venomous, can be a beginner snake. I don't think owning a corn or ball in any way puts you at an advantage when keeping snakes like chondros and ETB's. It can even put you at a disadvantage. All too often I see people fail with these because they have kept other snakes in the past and just assume these can be kept the same way. They don't bother doing the research because they already think they have the answers. A person coming into it with no experience at all is often more open to learn something new, IMO.

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    I picked up a chondro 2yrs ago. So far so good she is an absolute doll but if you're not careful she'll git ya tooo.

    The care is a bit more intensive compared to most of the other snakes, conditions need to be just right or she wont feed. Luckily the breeder I got her from spent alot of time getting his line to feed on frozen stuffs.

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    Sounds like my amazon. He hates me ! He tried to bite me through the glass 5 times because I was standing in front of it.

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