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Thread: ExoTerra Monsoon RS400 or Mist Kings Ultimate.Value.Misting.System.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thehelplesscripple View Post
    I bought the Exo Terra Monsoon system about a month back..

    Its timer never worked since I first plugged it in.. I called Exo Terra and they were no help!.

    I returned it and got a replacement and it's timer didn't work eather!.. (It was off by 5 hours).. I was going away for 3 days so I set it up for 17hours (so it would go off every 12 hours for 8 seconds).. when I got back it had dumped a gl of water into the tank and almost killed my baby.

    I called Exo Terra again and told them and yet again, they didnt care.. so I returned that one and bought a Mist King system at the last Reptile Expo. (I havent hooked it up yet, but it looks like its built alot better)
    THANK YOU for this! This helps a lot, because I have major anxiety over my animals, expecially when I go away/ leave for a long period of time.
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    I've chimed in on this before but would say your comparing a product designed by a professional who is very involved in the industry compared to a product designed by a large company that makes products that cater to pet consumers. Mistking all the way.
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    Exo Terra can't help you and they are pretty useless in terms of customer service

    The Monsoon is a sleak looking system. The timer being off is probably due to the internal battery being low and need replacing.

    The Mist King Value system will come with just a pair of nozzles and a lower end pump compared to the Ultimate or highest tier Mist King system.

    Connecting a 5g Home Depot/Lowes/Walmart bucket will give you a 3-4 weeks of auto watering vs a Monsoon's 1-2 week.

    If you have 2-3 tanks that need watering, you should just get the Ultimate system which comes with a stronger pump and more nozzles and the Zip Drip adapter that prevents dripping.

    Buying an Exo Terra Monsoon is like paying for a prebuilt Dell desktop. Buying a Mist King is like getting a quality gaming rig.

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