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Thread: Read My Short Blog Post Stupid People Who Feed Baby Food

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    Cool Read My Short Blog Post Stupid People Who Feed Baby Food

    I just posted a blog article about people feeding their Crested Geckos Baby food. If you have any suggestions or comments just comment here or on my site.

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    I might make a suggestion... if you're trying to be professional and have as many people as possible taking you seriously, avoid the anime smiley things like "O_o"

    Also um... I don't know. I find it's really insulting to call all folks who feed baby food "stupid." Some are genuinely just misled by outdated care sheets or by breeders who have had good luck with baby food (generally supplemented and fed alongside live food).

    Yes I advocate using CGD but try not to drive away the people you are trying to reach by insulting their intelligence when they may be trying to do what they were told was best for their pets.

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    After reading through my post again I notices that you're kind of right. I shouldn't scare away any potential readers. I've changed the part that I noticed was rude. I also worded the post a little more friendly and informational. If you still think I should change it just comment or PM me. I'd be happy to change it if it will keep readers at my site and keep me from developing a bad reputation.

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    How can I change the title of this thread?

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    The problem is, some people really try to do good research and end up with bad research anyhow. A lot of the *books* on the market are still outdated and incorrect. And most people are going to assume they can trust a book, if nothing else.

    For example, the "basic" guide most petstores stock, the Barron's "Crested Geckos and Relatives" by R.D. Bartlett, still advocates a babyfood/honey/bee pollen blend. And this book was last updated and published in 2004, a fairly recent edition.

    So when I sell that book at the store I work? I say "this is a great book, has a lot of good information, but IGNORE the diet page. Use this product called Crested Gecko Diet instead. It's a lot easier and more complete. Baby food used to be normal, but the book is outdated." and then I give them our caresheet in addition to the book.

    Now, people that willingly, continually feel baby food AFTER being told of the dangers of MBD and introduced to CGD? Yes, I'd use the word "stupid" for them (in my opinion.) But JB's right, you don't want to alienate the well-meaning but ignorant who might acutally listen if you try to teach them.

    Also: you want to use the expanded form before you introduce the a cronym:

    "Before this diet, many, many geckos suffered from MBD. Now, this diet provides a much easier, cheaper, and nutritional food source. Baby food is now known to cause diseases such as Metabolic Bone Disease."

    would read better as:

    "Before this diet, many, many geckos suffered from Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). Now, this diet provides a much easier, cheaper, and nutritional food source. Baby food is now known to cause health issues such as MBD."

    Otherwise, a pretty good, basic informative post, though. Nice work.
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    Thanks. I think I can leave the post alone after I change the acronym part. I think it's now a good and informational post compared to before.

    PS I'm trying to change the thread title. Please disregard the "stupid" part.

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    It is good that you are trying to get the word out. I agree with what the others said, and don't need to say it again. I have just a couple additional editorial comments, nothing major:

    "Symptoms of MBD include death, swelling limbs, curving spine, rotated hips, and even breakage of bones."

    It seems odd to list death first, and then say "and even breakage of bones." Most would consider death worse than broken bones. Maybe say ""Symptoms of MBD include swollen limbs, curving spine, rotated hips, and even broken bones and death."

    Also, in the second paragraph, first sentence, when you first mention Crested Gecko Diet you could put "(CGD)" immediately after:

    "... Repashy developed the Crested Gecko Diet (CGD)."

    It looks good. Perhaps if people put enough articles, posts, blogs, etc. out there, and if those get enough hits and comments, maybe the correct information will show up when people use Google or Yahoo or other search engines to find out how to care for their gecko.
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    Lol. I probably should fix that CGD thing. DOH!

    I agree. Maybe if gecko lovers and bloggers get the word out enough then we can stop the baby food controversy all together.

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