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Thread: Unicorns are real :( (Warning: Deceased gecko pics)

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    really cool to see... but it looked like it would of been pretty! Sorry

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    Question: Did this guy have any ... what are they called? Eye teeth? The little teeth that are used to break out of the egg? I'm just wondering if maybe he died because he couldn't get out. I can't see any eye teeth (or whatever they're called) but maybe it just isn't showing up on the photos.

    Sorry to bump an unpleasant thread but I'm really curious about the various reasons an egg might not make it, and which ones might be preventable.
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    I did not see any egg teeth ("eyeteeth" is another name for your upper canines, your pointy teeth), but the head was also obviously swollen/malformed, so I don't know if they would have jutted out far enough if they were there.

    PS I don't mind bumps, I wouldn't have posted it if it was too sensitive for me to handle

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    Just now I opened my incubator to find a leaky and smelly egg :/ I cut it open and sure enough I found a deceased baby inside. It struck me as odd, though, because the head seemed deformed and the neck area is strangely swollen and bulgy.

    I took a few really crappy pictures, but I looking back at your pics, JB, it seems like almost the same deformity.

    The mother of these babies laid other eggs perfectly fine all season, this is the only one that didn't make it out from her.

    Here you can see the strange shape of the head and neck, where the neck swells out. The whole head seems to be swollen and misshapen, and the lower jaw seems too wide.

    The baby itself was very 'stumpy' with a short, fat tail, a short fat body and fat legs. I wonder if this is more swelling in the legs and chest?

    The face and head are 'domed', reaching an unusual rounded peak on top. The neck is very notably swollen. I opened the mouth to see if it was possibly just yolk or fluid the baby had ingested, but there was nothing.
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