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Thread: Do any of you make $ breeding dubia roaches?

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    I think they mean info on the abundance of roaches in your colony affecting production. I dont think there is written lit on it, it just happens to be from personal experiences. The best you can do if you want to find threads on roaches, search for roach breeding, roach setups, roach housing, dubias (or any other species you are interested in).
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff

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    I have to ask, what is wrong with the price dropping on Dubia Roaches? I mean, I see them sell in pet stores for anywhere from 20 cents to 75 cents and even higher depending on size, and they are almost always nymphs, not adults, so the largest usual size is about an inch or so long. Ever since I got my female bearded dragon Cthulhu (as a hatching rescued from Pets Smart) and discovered the B. Dubia, I have been utterly appalled at the price. I feel like I am forced to buy the cheaper, and less healthy feeders like crickets and meal/super-worms. And god forbid I should want the best feeder on the planet - the Silkworm. Those are not only super expensive, but really hard to ship to a place like Tucson, Arizona in the Summer time. I have seen other caterpillars go for $2.50 EACH on a certain, very popular website. I am trying to feed my pet - not buy pet bugs. I want to know what your opinions are on the cost of feeders, so please respond. In my opinion, if it's a healthy choice such as the Dubia, why are they not priced low enough to be a staple diet? Why must I be forced to use crickets and superworms as a staple, where Dubia are like feeding my pet an ultra rare Mammoth-steak? Would you all like to see a staple feeder insect be as affordable as crickets and supers? I would. If someone, even from an online store, could offer the largest Dubia nymphs for no more then 10 or 12 cents each, wouldn't you rather get them for that price? I haven't been breeding for long, but I can tell you that it does not cost that much at all in roach food to justify charging anything more then that, and even 10 or 12 cents each seems high when you factor in the feed cost and time it takes to clean the bins. Yes, I know you should offer a diverse diet. I for one would rather use the super healthy roaches and caterpillars as staple and use the crickets and supers as the occasional treat. What is all your opinions?

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    Yea man I know what you mean it seems like it just forces you to have your own colony. When I used to keep tree monitors I would feed off many dozens of them during the week and if I had bought them from my pet store it probably would have ran me 50 + dollars.

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    I also want to make some money breeding and raising roaches. I'm on unemployment benefits , almost no other income and I'd be plenty happy with any profit, even if I made $20 here and there. I have setup a 30 gal. tank for roaches and am preparing to set up another tank soon I hope, but I need to buy more heaters.

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    There's a big market for them because people are starting to see they're not actually that unsanitary to keep in their home. They're far better than crickets, especially for bearded dragons. Here is a breeding guide to get you started:

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