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Thread: Check out my newest Pets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hannibal View Post
    That is a hugh snail!
    Very educational on the walking sticks....what could you use them as feeders for?
    Anything really just a matter of feeding them at the right size. They mainly feed
    on bramble and Oak leaves but I do snag some rose and raspberry leaves as treats.
    So I think they carry all teh same nutriants the plants have plus w/e you dust them with.

    Quote Originally Posted by thongwedgie View Post
    yeah I love the giant snails myself, was bummed to realize they were illegal
    Yes it seems there very invasive and there A-sexual however what they forget
    to mention is the fact that they require 2 mature snails to actually stimulate
    the reproductive organs.

    Quote Originally Posted by pturley View Post
    So are the Phasmids BTW!!!

    Very cool none the less.

    Paul E. Turley

    Quote Originally Posted by thongwedgie View Post
    are you in the US? I thought giant african land snails were illegal here.
    They are illegal in the USA and Canada however I have them for research purposes.
    I currently reside in Canada though and neither of these species would last
    longer then a day outside in the temps we have up here.

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    Wow! Thats amazing, I love you snail!!!
    Crested Geckos
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