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Thread: Experienced Uromastyx owners wanted

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    I hope you get some sort of compensation out of this Jessica, I personally wouldnt take another animal from them, would be nice just to get your initial purchase amount back for him.
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff

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    I have to agree. Clearly the guy doesn't take proper care of his animals, and more than likely would give you another sick one. Not worth it. Post a BOI thread on him if you have to, just make sure you save any and ALL correspondence between you and himself, and provide vet visit proof, (including costs) pics if you have them, everything you can.
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    I for sure will NOT be getting another reptile from him. I have actually contacted him once again and plainly said that we are not looking to recoup any of our vet bills or purchase another reptile from him, but that we are looking to get our money back. We actually spent more on him then the other, so I am holding off on writing a review until he lets me know what his decision is. If I get a "buyer beware" answer, then I honestly will know he's only in for the money.
    If this were me, I would gladly give the person their money back, but I can guarantee that I would NEVER knowingly sell a sick animal. If this were the case, I would hope that the person would contact me and allow me to take the animal to the vet (especially if the person had only owned the animal for a week before having to take it to the vet.)
    While at the vets office, even though he normally doesnt show the emotion, I could tell that my boyfriend was extremely upset and that pissed me off the most. I said I wouldn't cry, because honestly we had no time to grow a relationship with him, but when I signed the euthanasia form, I just started bawling.
    I feel like the Grim Reaper though.. this morning, one of my older gerbils died. So that's two pets in under 24 hours. So its been rough...
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    Very sorry to hear about your Uro. I hope this "breeder" at least compensates you the price of the animal.

    If you are considering posting on the BOI, make sure you post all email records, receipts from the vet and breeder, pictures, email addresses, and have a good time line of events. Everyone is pretty helpful there, but they definitely ALWAYS need proof. No one takes hear say lightly over there. Also post a link to this thread so everyone can see the timeline in which these things happened.

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