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Thread: Just some music..

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    Wink Just some music..

    this is what i listen to when i wake up , just incase anyone else likes dub raggae this is a real nice station i found while looking for a scale . kinda funny how they sell scales and stream raggae . so check it out if you get a chance has players for most devices...feel free to post what you listen to @ work , when you wake up , on your way to work... streams only videos..

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    Sounds like a good station...

    I typically use Pandora. My favorite online "radio station" is Its a nice mix of world music, pop, top forty, etc...


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    Thanks for the suggestion. I also like pandora too because they match you with other artists according to your music tastes.

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    Love that stream, inter. I like using Lastfm. Just type in an artist and they will stream similiar genres.

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    good lookin yall...yeah i think its "" they have many genres , yeah i used to use pandora , but really stopped when they started with the commercials..last fm is also cool...if you guys want a crazy one i also use this one called that one is similar to what you guys are talking about but with no maximum listening cut-off period like pandora and some of the others...but yeah keep this going , always good to share the ledge ..blessings dread...oh yeah if anyone of you also has or wants to open a free net radio station shoutcast is an easy way, me and a buddy of mine stream some dubstep, d&b , hiphop...good stuff... it would be kind of cool to open a reptile radio segment once a month or something like that, have the moderators run it so it goes over smoothly. i know they already have a radio station for reptiles but it would be a good way to bring people to the forum..just throwing that out

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