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Thread: salamander cohabitants?

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    Question salamander cohabitants?

    I would like to preface by saying that I have absolutely no background in biology or animal breeding. In fact, that's exactly why I'm looking for advice.
    I rescued a pair of tiger salamanders that were drying up in my driveway and made a terrarium in a 10gal aquarium that was sitting around unused in my garage. That was about 4 years ago and they've been really amazing pets. I absolutely love them.
    Anyway, I live out in a fairly remote area of the Rocky Mountains and while in "the big city" yesterday I stopped at a pet store to grab some supplies for the winter, when I noticed they had some multi-species tanks. It got my imagination going and I asked the employee what would make a good tankmate for my salamanders. She said she didn't know enough about salamanders and directed me to this site for advice. I've read the huge cautions about multi-species tanks, but also read a few posts about successful ones, specifically with salamanders. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Obviously, anything smaller than them wouldn't work because they are rather voracious (they try to eat my fingers all the time), but I thought perhaps a vegetarian turtle or large toad? I also saw a post about isopods as tank cleaners and the pet shop girl suggested vampire crabs.
    Again, any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure there are a host of considerations that hadn't occurred to me. Thanks in advance.

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    The best advice I can give you is, Petstores do it wrong more often than not!!! They're there to make money and rare indeed is the pet store that has proper husbandry for all the animals they keep. Personally, a store with "multi-species" tanks would make me run screaming for the hills!
    I think it is excellent that you are asking before doing, trying to get some research and advice in.
    Seeing as your Sallys are native to your area, I would wager a guess that the only thing you would possibly want to house with them would be other native species to your region and their habitat. Now with that in mind, Tiger Sallys are pretty voracious eaters, so you'd likely need something much much bigger to house them all in, and you'd need to find a creature of similar size that would not predate on the sallys or that the sallys would not want to predate on. It could be a difficult thing to do, you'll need to research what animals are native to your region.a

    Another thing to consider, it is often illegal to collect native wildlife to keep without permits and stuff. (More research there, different states have different rules on this!)
    I would honestly not recommend a mixed species tank, you're better off creating a back yard habitat with native plant species to try and encourage more wildlife to your area.
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    I am with Saille on this one, I have an eastern tiger sally myself.

    Like stated since they are wild caught, honestly the only thing you can add is other wild caught animals from your region (but they will still be required to be qt'ed from the sallys). And even if you did find things like frogs from your area, and even newts, they are possible food options for the sallys. And since box turtles are your only choice turtle wise that could co inhabit with them, thatsa no go as the boxies will attempt to make a meal of them. And I wouldnt suggest toads as often they secrete toxins from their skin into the water, or when bitten, and since tiger sallys have such poor eye sight, they may try to bite them.

    I know tiger sallys are boring, my Bruce Lee is very boring, but it is in his best interest, and your tiger sallys best interest also, to simply be housed alone.
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    that crab will uproot youre tank and eat/attack everything that moves! as much as i love em they bug the crap outta me in that way lolz
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