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Thread: African Fat Tailed Gecko Tank Setup!

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    Default African Fat Tailed Gecko Tank Setup!

    Hi everybody, I just set up a tank for my new AFT gecko. What do you think? I am not too sure do I need to make a basking spot for the gecko?! Some people say it does and some people say it doesn't. I made a basking spot anyway. Substrate is eco earth.

    The size of the tank is 24"(W) x 16" (D) x 18" (H)

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    I dont know a ton about them, but I do know they need to have a warm basking area which can be achieved with an under tank heater as these guys absorb heat from beow, not from above.
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    Melissa is correct, they need a source of belly heat, and an under tank heat pad is the best way to achieve this. Avoid heat rocks - they get too hot and can burn the gecko.

    I'm not too keen on the substrate, but if you absolutely must have it, I highly recommend spraying it with water until it's more tight-packed. If it's loose your gecko can ingest it, but if it's damp enough to be packed down the risk of impaction is greatly reduced. Other than the substrate, I think your setup looks excellent!

    I use paper towels, and I also recommend you switch to paper towels or slate tiles, both of which are extremely easy to clean, and more importantly, easier to spot gecko stools on during the quarantine period(recommended 60-90 days). My two fat tail geckos are doing fine on paper towels, and with my rescue male it was absolutely critical I know when he was producing a poop.
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    I second switching to paper towels. Much easier clean up and much safer. Looks great though!
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