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Thread: Crocodile Gecko Info

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    Pictures would be great. Right now I have 6 cresteds and love them, but would like to venture out. Basically I buy everything in pairs and if need be, seperate them. But all that information has been great guys! Thanks! I will put pictures up as soon as they arrive.
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    We keep our croc gecko is a custom 31g Tall style tank. He likes it about 90 during the day and does come out to bask. The little biter enjoys a variety of surfaces, mostly sandstone, slate and corkbark. There is some fake vine for color. The bottom of the tank has 3" of bed-a-beast.

    Croc geckos generally hate each other and it is not a good idea to house them together. Males will fight to the death and females will fight and sometimes kill each other too. Even breeding them is tricky, pairs will sometimes fight and it can be very brutal.

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