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Thread: I got an email from animal planet

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    Yeah, or people in rivers catching fish with hands, Hillbily Hand Fishin' I think. There used to be documentaries and stuff, not any more.

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    Animal planet does have some bad shows on it, like the animal hoarding shows. But I still see documentaries on, although I don't watch it during prime time. But early mornings and late nights is when I end up watching it cause my usual channels have nothing going on. Nat Geo, comedy central, etc. Like I watched it a few days ago and saw a documentary on the eco system in Africa.

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    Yeah I agree since Steve Irwin has passed AP has fell apart. There is some shows I think are ok, such a pit bulls and parolees, as this show shows that not all put bulls are bad dogs and not all people that have been in jail are evil people. It shows there are other sides to things contrary to what the media hypes everyone up about. But some of these shows like the hoarders, it's just iffy. Yes, there are hoarders that make animals suffer. And yes please do help them. But do not assume that herp keepers are hoarders. If we can take care of our reptiles the way they deserve then let us be. Have some real shows that show what goes on. That I will watch.

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    I definitely wish Steve Irwin didn't pass. He was a good guy, with I true love of animals. He really made Animal Planet good. I agree with the order thing, also people think anyone with 1 or 2 reptiles has hoarding issues or something. I think some of my reptile tanks are cleaner and better taken care of than some people's homes. I have some of the old Steve Irwin movies that I dig out occasionally. I wish animal planet could find another serious animal lover like Steve Irwin to follow, his son who I think is 10 years old maybe will follow in his father's footsteps.

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    Steve's daughter bindy is following in his footsteps.

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