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O L D F A I T H F U L ! ! !
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Thread: O L D F A I T H F U L ! ! !

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    palex134 Guest

    Default O L D F A I T H F U L ! ! !

    she was lookin nice last night at around 2 am, so I decided I would snap some pics. She is my favorite female, and the girl who started it all! She is the only gecko I have a name for, and she earned it!

    sorry about the bad pics, I didnt want to disturb the nugget!

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    AHH she lost her tail when did that happen?? Nothing better than taking pics at 2am LOL
    Derek Dunlop
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    palex134 Guest


    yaa she lost her tail a while ago when she first bred with my red male, ya he is a roughy, but I think she is even cuter, it makes her look even more like a nugget!


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