Hello guys and girls,

We have several unsexed crested geckos weighing between 2-4 grams that are ready to go to a new home. All our baby geckos have tasted both crikets and CGD. We use SYR.com and give discounts on multiple geckos.

Buy one gecko and shipping is $40 dollars
Buy two or more and shipping is only $30 dollars

You can pm me or send an e-mail to mendel.geckos@gmail.com.

The full price is in RED a one month hold payment is in BLUE

100% Pinstripe, Unsexed. $100/$40
This gecko has orange pinstripe scales that fade into white pinstripe scales. A great looking 100% pinstripe. Mother was a 100% red pin.

Red Phantom, Unsexed $85/$30
This is an outstanding red phantom. As you can see it's missing the creme but still has the phantom pattern on its back. It's a brillant red and will be a great addition to any phantom project.

White outlined Phantom, Unsexed $75/$25
This gecko is neat. It fires up a brillant dark chocolate but the white markings on it's back stays the same color when it's fired up to give a really neat outline of where the creme should be. We would hang onto this one but we produced a few sibilings that have the same cool look.

Gold/Orange/Brown Phantom Tiger, Unsexed $75/$25
The gecko has a gold/orange/brown mixture with dark dorsal backing highlighted with a few phantom pinstripe scales at the bottom.

Red/Orange Partial pinstripe, Unsexed $90/$30
This gecko has some great contrast with the red / orange color and the white partial pinstripe scales that run up and down it's back. It also has dashed laterals on each side.

Partial Pinstripe Orange creme, Unsexed $70/$20
A cool looking gecko. A partial pinstripe orange creme with a few dalmatian spots sprinkled in.

Reddish/Brown Flame, Unsexed $65/$15
This gecko has reddish brown tint when unfired and the red comes through a little stronger when fired up. It has an orange dorsal stripe that runs down it's back.

Orange Tiger Dalmatian, Unsexed $80/$25
This gecko is awsome it fires up a brillant orange with brown tiger markings and is gaining spots with each shed.

98% Pinstripe, Unsexed $95/$35
This gecko is gaining red color everyday. Has brillant contrast and fades from orange pinstripe scales to white.

Yellow/Brown/Orange Tiger, Unsexed $70/$20
This is another great looking yellow, brown, and orange looking tiger