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Thread: Thing 1 & 2's Gargoyle Morph Guide

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    The reference pics for mottled are not showing up, so I'll post this here and hopefully get a reply. I have a hard time telling blotched and mottled apart... What would you say this little guy is? Orange Blotch Reticulated?

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    I have the "redrum" called super red due to almost all, or all of the body being red.

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    I didnt know they could be oh so beautiful!!! <3
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    Some references are not showing. Can anyone offer some pictures of those examples that are missing?

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    Hello, there! Just wondering... I am going to be ordering a gargoyle gecko very soon and was looking at the different patterns. I find that I really like the geckos that appear to have bigger/wider head and bigger eyes. Do you have any idea if this bigger head is just an individual quality or does it have anything to do with the age of the gecko? I noticed some have slimmer heads... maybe head width has something to do with weight also?? Thanks in advance for any input!

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    Bumping this thread up...I hope to be getting a gargoyle come spring or summer, so was checking this thread, and there are quite a few posts that never got answers. I'm curious about some of them too!
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    Hi 're bigger wider heads & bigger eyes for individual gargoyle geckos.
    I believe that this is individual quality (genetics) rather than age or weight.
    I have a red female who has a short yet wide head which I find quite appealing at it makes he look kind of cute & her off spring tend to carry this trait, she also has quite defined peaks on her head.
    But I have other gargoyles who have much longer narrowed heads I don't think this is due to age or size again I think genetics.
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    This is the red one probably does not show the width of her head very well but her big eyes & bumps clear to see.
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