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Thread: Chickens?!

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    I LOVED MY CHICKENS! I grew up on a farm, and had a ton of chickies, along with a lot of other things... But they are the bomb. Make sure you get a Very strong coup if you end up buying any. Home made are the best because you can customize, and make exactly how you want it. Americana/ Arucanas lay blues, pinks, browns, and greens. We have had ALL kinds of chickens before and I know a ton about them, if you want to PM or something. The best substrate for the is newspaper, I have heard a lot in my time about the kinds of stuff you should, and can use, but I stick with newspaper. If you have any specific questions pm me and ill let you know

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    i have a lot of diff kinds of chickens i like the crested chickens the most. Their big cresteds sway back and forth as they walk. i also have a duck i bought with some cornish hens. The cornish hens think they are a duck or something they follow that duck everywhere he goes even if it goes down into the water in the ditch.

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    My grand dad kept road island reds, neat brown eggs, use to love collecting the eggs in the morning? Stopped having roosters after a while because the where mean and had sharp spurs

    Funny chicken story! here you go! There was oriental family that kept chickens. When they left they just l let the chicken go. Would go from one back yard to an other. Very noisy. Well they came into my back yard one day, and else the Shepard was so pleased with herself. I went over to see what was going on and there was this dog drool soaked, rather stunned rooster between her paws. They looked at me, I look at them. I took the rooster - a bantam perfectly unharmed (does slimed count?) with deformed feet which where covered in the scale stuff of diseased feet, spurs where so diseased as to be harmless. I took him away from else. Sad look from dog. I put him down away from the dog, dog caught him. sigh. Got a crate, and set-up a rooster home in the laundry room. took rooster away from dog, sad looks from dog, rooster seemed very tired, friendly rooster, lots of crowing from laundry room until I found him a home.
    and the zoo


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