This is not uncommon. I have been warning of these type of situation in our herp society and on forums. People on forums seem to brush me off. Most insurance companies have a list of animals they will drop you with or you must hold additional coverage. Animals listed often as a blanket exotic ban, no snakes, German Shepperd, pit bulls, ferrets, ect. He is another turn, a lot of people use Flex Watt heat tape. This is a self made, non UL listed product, that is be used in its non-intended design. It is designed for plant heating not reptiles. Insurance companies may not give you full payout on an electrical fire for your negligence and will drop you. You would think it is your home and accidents happen, but that is why they choose to drop you. Once something happens and they find you in noncompliance they will drop you like a bad habit. You are increaseing the risk of a second claim in their statistical data which hurts their profit margins.