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Thread: Breeding Groups 1.2 or 1.3

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    Default Breeding Groups 1.2 or 1.3

    The past 2 years I have done 1.2 breeding groups. This year I tried 1.3 and have found that in a few of the 1.3 groups there is a female that isn't laying. I'm starting to make my plans for next season and don't know if I should go back to 1.2 or stick with 1.3. I'm wondering what size breeding group do you find works the best?
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    I do 1.1 so I can keep the best track of who laid eggs from who. In my opinion, sometimes, less is more. Plus, its just easier all around and it gives some girls a much needed break.
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    I personally keep all my breeding females as doubles, I dont keep them males in there with them other then for the week to breed them he is removed. The previous years I have had females in groups of 2, 3, and in one case I had 5 females in a very large enclosure. Since changing everyone around I have found egg layin production is down, but I do know of several people in my area with the same problem and I am thinking it is weather releated since we were so warm/cold for such a long time it screwed my girls up.
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    I'd personally suggest to just keep all the girls you want in a group together and bring them out for 1 on 1 time with a male to minimize stress. Once the male does his thing, put the female back and repeat for the next day. If you give them only a week of 1 on 1 time with the male, you'll hopefully make it so the females will each lay a week apart, making it a bit easier to monitor who laid what eggs.
    I think an issue you'd come with if you keep a boy in with that many females for a longer amount of time (basically for 24/7) is that it is quite possible that the male can overbreed and get a prolapsed or bruised hemipenes. Plus, it stresses out laying females much more than necessary. It's also possible that one female is too jumpy and fast for the male to catch, so he goes after another female instead. Or that female is so stressed that she doesn't laying any eggs.

    A lot of people say when buying a reptile, buy from a breeder. At least then, you'll know who the parents were. That was the biggest excuse I heard when I was trying to find my first reptile. It'd kinda be hard to do that if you have too large of a group to be able to check the females all the time for eggs developing or about to be laid, to notice a drop or gain in weight so you can make an estimated guess on who laid which eggs, etc.

    [edit] I realized I technically didn't answer your question. I was basically suggesting that if you don't have the room (or you have so many large tanks that it'd kinda be a waste of space to not keep them in larger groups) to try keeping 3 females together, but to not leave the male in there and only bring out the female to see if the male will do a quickie. Although I personally believe keeping less females together will be less stressful on them in general, you might be able to get away with managing 3 at a time, although 2 might be less stressful for them in the long run. Maybe putting in extra layboxes can help as well? It might be hard for them to share one if both females are trying to get ready to lay at once.

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    The last two years,I had 1.2 and then it was getting confusing about the eggs, seemed they were in and out of the dirt to quick and I never saw anyone laying anymore and could not figure who the Mom was. Used to be I saw the female in the dirt or one starting to dig for a few days prior.
    Even this season, females are in and out so quick I don't even know they laid.

    This year what is working great, but takes up a ton of space and makes for more time feeding/watering/cleaning is each female has a 20 tall tank turned on end and the male goes to visit. Where the situation is the male is only needed for one girl, they stay together and I will keep them in year round and cool by Sept.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.


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