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Thread: possible pregnancy??? ADVICE NEEDED!

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    Default possible pregnancy??? ADVICE NEEDED!

    So I've had my male, Pika, and my female, Nala, living together for a good month now. My boyfriend and I believe they've finally begun to mate, which is what I've been hoping for. We weighed her a few days ago and she was at about 28.5g. Today, we noticed she looked HUGE, like gargoyle chubby, I was shocked. After another weigh-in she's at a little over 33g. She gained 5 grams in no more than 4 days! Is this normal? Unless they were mating a lot earlier without me noticing, how is it possible that she's growing so quickly? Is there a point in CG pregnancy of rapid weight gain? I've been waiting for this for a while, but I'm so nervous things won't go smoothly, and their health is my number one concern... advice please?


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    I am a little concerned about her weight. Is she a tailless gecko? If not she is too young to breed at 28.5g. If so she would still be on the small side for breeding. It is very possible that she is developing eggs or just hitting a growth spurt. If you saw them mating then eggs are probably sure to come. When bred too young females can have a lot of trouble. Here is pangea's care sheet, if you scroll down there is a section on breeding, also the search function is a great tool. Hopefully someone more experienced will jump in here too...

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    I would separate them until the female has a chance to gain some weight. 35 is what you want to shoot for on a tail-less girl, 40 with tail. It really helps them rebound from the toll of breeding to have a nice buffer.

    If she's not gravid, she might just be nicely gaining for you, which is great! Still, keep them separated until she reaches ideal breeding weight.

    Good luck!
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    Honestly, you should have done more research if their health is your number one concern...28 grams is way too small to be housing a female with a male. Cresties shouldn't be mated really until they're about 35 grams or so. I would separate them ASAP and provide her a dish with extra calcium powder Phosphorus-free, (no d3) as well as the CGD to help her gain some weight and not have a calcium crash if she does lay eggs too soon.
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    Lots of good advice here. Remember, cresty females store sperm so after being with a male, even after you separate them she may lay eggs for a very long time and may lay as many as 18 eggs (two at a time over about 9 months). Imagine giving birth 18 times and consider the impact that will have on her weight and calcium supplies.

    Is it possible that she is pregnant but can't pass the eggs due to her small size? I don't know very much about that but have read about it happening. Anyone out there know how to check for that? Hopefully she is just in a growth spurt.
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