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Thread: Dubia Roaches or Crickets?

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    Maybe try lateralis roaches. I have two leos that won't touch dubias but love lateralis.

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    I keep/breed both species, B. Dubia and the lateralis. My geckos like both species, however, preferences do vary from gecko to gecko. I too use crickets on occasion to switch things up, (especially for my insectivores) because I believe variety is a good thing.
    I used to feed lobster roaches, but unless you cut their legs off, they can climb just about anything and are also very very fast. FYI, the blatta lateralis (turkistan roaches) can also climb things with texture, so if you work with these roaches, be sure you have a very smooth/slick sided tub. I use a ceramic high-sided dish to feed the dubias in, so they can't "hunker down" but the geckos can climb into the dish and eat what they want. Same for the blatta lateralis. It seems to work well so far!
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    Thanks everyone! Your advice is greatly appreciated, and it looks like I am leaning more towards roaches, but we will have to see what my little one prefers! I feel like my best option is to try some dubia, lateralis, and crickets and see what works best for him/her. Once again thank you for your opinions and I look forward to reading future responses!

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    Crickets chirping can be annoying but the smell is manageable with frequent cleaning. I use egg crate that's glued together to form a solid square and put it in a bin vertically. All waste falls to the bottom of the bin. When I feed from the bin (which is about daily), I carefully pick up the egg crate, transfer it to another bin, and then grab the few remaining crickets. You can then quickly dump all of the droppings into the trash.

    Ventilation is also really critical. As long as it's ventilated and clean, there's very little smell.

    I've not had a whole lot of success breeding but I'm about to switch to using an incubator so I'm hopeful that I'll have a sustainable colony soon.


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