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Thread: 2 of the most beautiful chahoua eggs tonight!!

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    Congrats! Now the long waiting begins. Good luck!

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    :0 Awesome! Now you just need to send them to me once they hatch ;D

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    Thank God back on the East Coast!!


    Jenn, is Spice eating bugs? I had bought one that wasn't at first and didn't grow like the other one's I have so I kept trying both crickets and roaches. I bought the crickets special since I don't really feed them anymore. Nothing seemed to work. The bugs were just not getting this little ones attention. Finally I picked up the chewie in one hand a small roach in the other and held it right up to his mouth. He licked it then ate it and has been chowing down on them since and has gotten much bigger since he started eating bugs. In a conversation I had with Steve C he feels it is super important that they gets lots of bugs as babies.

    While I didn't much care for holding a roach in between by fingers , it worked and I only had to do it a few times, now he eats them out of his bowl.
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    Congrats Jenn!! We just had two beautiful chewie eggs laid as well!! Your pair must have sent ours some good vibes.

    Our youngest chewie had no interest whatsoever in any type of bug when we first got it. I ended up dunking a little dubia nymph in CGD and let the little guy lick the CGD off... when he got to the nymph, he just chomped it right up and has been an absolute machine ever since. Anything that moves is food in his little mind. His growth increased significantly after getting him turned on to roaches, as well.
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    Thanks for all the advice for Spice!!! I really appreciate it!!

    And... Strawberry dropped an egg last night, it's a DUD.
    Snowflake dropped two eggs the night before, both are DUDS.
    Sweetie dropped an egg 2 nights ago, it's a DUD.

    So....... GO SUGAR!!!! LOL! She's my favorite chahoua anyway... her and Sarge!! They are my least special to look at, but have the BEST personalities!!!
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