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    Ive been raising mealworms for a good while now and have expanded since i first started. I currently have 1.5 million worms growing right now. Just wanted to get the word out that if you need mealworms I'm the person you are looking for. The mealworms should be large enough to sell in about one month. So if you would be interested feel free to contact me and I'll let you know soon as they are ready to be sold. Or if you would like an estimate on what the cost of shipping would be to your zip code just contact me as well.

    1k $ 5.25
    2k $ 9.00
    3k $13.00
    5k $19.50
    10k $37.00

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    Default nothing fancy but will save the hassle of PM tag for shipping quotes

    I ship USPS priority mail (2-3days in most cases) and express mail (overnight in most cases).

    If interested send me a PM for shipping quotes. All orders will go out Monday-Wednesday. All orders go out same day as long as they are received by 12PM CST
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    Just wanted to give a more detailed post now that I actually got some free time. I'vee been raising mealworms as a hobby for 3 years now and selling them for alittle over one year. They are raised on wheat bran and given potatoes for moisture source.

    I do plan on raising superworms and crickets in the near future (hopefully by summers end)

    USPS and UPS is used for shipping just depends where they are being shipped to and how many.

    The mealworms for sale are 1/2"+ I like selling them before they are full grown that away they aren't turning into pupae soon as you get them.

    Payments are accepted via Paypal and hoping to have a website up and running soon that away you can just place an order right away without having to wait.

    I get asked alot about how many I raise per year. Right now I produce around 6 million mealworms a year and plan on expanding to 50 million within to coming months. The goal is to produce the best quality feeder and the best price possible.

    PS I'm down to 115K mealworms from the previous 250K trying to sell them out this week so I'm doing a special 10K for $33.50 don't wait they will sell out fast as i post on about 9 different forums.

    After these sell out I will have another 100-150k in 1-2 weeks

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