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Thread: 35g hex - lets hear the suggestions!

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    Well there are plenty of Geco speacies you can put in there that can tolorate high humidity and handeling.

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    Again, I'm not looking for something to handle so attitude or speed is a-ok. Even if it is handleable, I will likely never handle it other than removal for cage cleaning. Too many pets, too much going on. I like to set up nice homes and watch them enjoy them.
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    mourning geckos

    i know i keep spitting out a bunch of things but this is a good one!

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    If you want something to keep as a set up animal.I would go witha Phelsuma species.They are very atracrive and like a well planted cage.And are very active during the day.And arnt very exspensive.

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    mournings are the fastest geckos I have ever seen. And a 35 hexagon could hold like 300 mournings hahah.

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    I really like day geckos- and I also love red eyed tree frogs- they have a lot of color to them, and are fairly easy to keep. (cricket-eaters)
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    I'll have to hop on the frog bandwagon. (Wow, I just read that and it sounds like a horrible pun. Lol.)

    Dart frogs are actually much easier to keep than I was first led to believe. For the longest time, I was scared to try them since I'd heard that they were only for "professional" frog keepers. Not the case at all.

    Good frogs to start off with are:

    auratus (green or blue, though greens are much easier to find)
    tinctorius (I have "Patricias")
    and leucomelas (a.k.a. "leucs")

    Yes, they eat mostly fruitflies... but the flies are EXTREMELY easy to do. This was the part that worried me the most, but it's honestly the easiest thing in the world and VERY, VERY CHEAP. (Keeping crickets is harder and more expensive. Lol.)

    You can also feed springtails, teeny crix, etc.

    The frogs definitely have their own little personalities. Mine all hop to the front of the tank whenever I walk into the room. They're little pigs and aren't scared of people watching them. Funny little quirks like their toes twitching with excitement when they zoom in on a fruitfly... they're just too funny.

    If you are interested in the frogs but are unsure, feel free to post any questions you may have and I'll do my best to help. I don't know everything, but I'll help you if I can. Also, really is an awesome place to get dart frog info.

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