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Thread: Clark's Diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunar Gecko View Post
    I just want to be clear Im not 'bashing on Clarks' I was honestly thinking I may try the CGD and Clarks diet feeding schedule like some others had posted here in this very thread. I would like something with a bit better feeding response and since people kept saying it was a complete diet I started looking into it.

    On the same note, after some research I'm finding the information given out on their web page to be extremely confusing and in ways that seems intentionally misleading to me.

    I will be honest, ever since Clark passed on the torch to Pat, I have noticed that every batch I get doesn't seem to have the same consistency as the last. I attribute this though to the fact that Pat hand mixes all of the food, as opposed to CGD which I think is all done by machine. So while all the ingredients may be in the bag, they may not be totally evenly distributed throughout. Kinda like if you pop up some popcorn all the kernals make their way to the bottom of the bag.
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    Also, I think there's at least a typo with the egg yolk listed. Isn't avadin only present in egg white and not yolk? It could just a copy & paste error, there seem to be a few of those on the label.
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    Yes, it is only present in egg whites and maybe only in raw form. I need to look into that to be sure.
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    This is my BIG issue with CGD. It's just not appetizing to any of my geckos. The first generation (batch 1) was the best. All my geckos put on a lot of weight. Then version 2 came out and that was probably the worst. It smelled fine, but once you added water it smelled like expired vitamin tablets, very artificial and additive smell to it. Just tried version 3 and although it smells slightly better when added with water, my geckos still do not go for it. I need to hand (force) feed them or else they will not touch the food. This is coming from 3 geckos that all came from different sources/gene pools. If it was a bit more appetizing, it would fix a lot of issues. Currently I'm either handfeeding them or dropping dubia roaches because that's the only way I can get them to eat.

    Quote Originally Posted by PandaParade View Post
    First off, yes all my geckos tend to eat way more two part more than the regular.

    I want to talk about Clark’s diet more though. I recently got my free sample at PMP reptiles because two of my hatchlings from November, have not even gained a gram since they were born. Literally not eating, no poop, nothing. In fact after I separated they lost some weight. So, with that said and after I tried old cgd, new cgd, and two part, I decided to go try Clarks. While people may say it may not be a complete diet, it sure is better than the gecko not eating. I now see big tongue marks out of the food and they seem to actually eat it and enjoy it. With cgd especially the new kind, I would try to put the cgd on their nose and they would wipe it off. While being handfed Clarks, they attempt to eat it and not just a few licks but a good serving size. I have searched that the Clarks complete still doesn’t have enough calcium as cgd but I would love to know if the Clarks geckos are still healthy, ie no kinks, laying healthy eggs ect. I know Gecko Brothel in Canada uses Clarks and they have what seems to be good looking and healthy geckos from what I can see. Also they are bigger in size. Now I did not feed my entire colony as I was more worried about the babies, but I did take out one of my adults reluctant to the new cgd and it really enjoyed it too. Id like to hear more about others who feed it.


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