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Thread: How did you name your geckos?

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    I called my first one Jigger after my grandad who sadly passed away in 2010 and when I went to visit jigger at the pet shop the same song always came on in the car (REM everybody hurts) which reminded me of my grandad & he was nick named Jigger Johnson when he was in the army and my second is Johnson also after my grandad he was bought of off someone else and she had called him sticky

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    I generally name mine after things I like if it seems to fit them. My first gecko is Circe, after one of my favorite cartoons (yes, I'm 27 and still watch cartoons! Lol) called Generator Rex. Circe is a mutated person but still pretty, which works for Circe, as she has one small dark eye and is a frogbutt girl with pretty ext tricolor harley markings.

    The little one is Mew (the ancestor of all pokemon) since I had gotten it initially in the hopes of it turning pink and cream so I could breed it. Unfortunately I think it's going to go dark, thus ruining my pokemon-theme name plans. :/

    Natasha we named because she is beautiful, acrobatic and deadly, like Black Widow from Avengers. Also it was a gymnast's name, and she is quite the little gymnast.

    Cherry Blossom came with her name, and it's super cute so we kept it.

    I got a mate for Cherry Blossom, and he's super duper pink with black and red spots and white highlights, so I named him Peppermint to match with the plant theme started with Cherry Blossom. My husband calls him a more "manly" name though because as our first confirmed boy he thought he should have a butch name. (Thus he calls it "Die Hard"... lol)

    And now I have a chahoua I don't know WHAT to name! Nothing has stuck yet. He's green with some peach mottling, black bits and tiny white speckling.

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    I have 6 cresties :P

    Boo - Named by my gf, I adopted him from her. He has a Halloween look to him.
    Stark - I'm a Game of Thrones fan, love the Starks. She's a solid brown/dark grey when fired up.
    Gimpy - He lost his tail, not sure how. I adopted him from a previous owner. Pale grey with some striping.
    Charmander - Adopted her from the same owner as Gimpy, she is light orange and fires up to a nice red. Phantom striping.
    Drazah - I recently got this crestie at an Expo in Toronto, not sure of sex as it's still a baby. Drazah spells Hazard backwards, I'm a big Chelsea FC fan. Lots of stripes on this crestie.
    Serrot - Same as Drazah, got the two of them from the same breeder. Serrot spells Torres backwards. It has a star on it's head!

    That's how I got the names of my cresties. Need to take more pics though :P


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