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Thread: Eleven years of breeding.....

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    Congrats on the pairing! I can't wait to see what these two will throw!

    I've witnessed my male Garg doing this same behaviour. My male Chahoua does it as well, even though he's housed alone and I don't have any other Chahouas lol.. and as mentioned above, Leachies are known for it as well so this sounds like scent marking to me!!

    Good luck! all the best! - Health, Colour, Structure Visit us today! (:
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    Wow I never thought anything of it. BUT, this is my first year of breeding, and I put Squirt, a virgin male, and Mallow, a virgin female together, completely not knowing what to expect.

    After lots of research I know what is supposed to happen.

    Nevertheless, Squirt at first ran away from her, <she is 2g heavier so maybe he felt intimidated lol!> then half an hour later, he was perched on one of the cork bark shelves, adn he too had raised his tail and his bulge looked huge! He then kind of started, not rubbing, but shifting around for about half an hour until he decided to hunt her down.

    It was so wierd! I just thought it was normal, as like I said, first year for me!!

    Great thread, and amazing pictures too good luck with the babies, I bet they will be stunning! x
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