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    I saved Penny from a Petco the day after Christmas. She was in a cage with several other Crestys, with large crickets (even though these particular large crickets were too big) 89 degree temperature and heavy misting. She was doing pretty well, she had the usual timid attitude for the first couple of weeks and she wasnt eating the cgd. Then a week ago she stopped eating CGD, her poop was an odd yellow solid-ish substance, and shes lost a lot of weight. I tried giving her smaller crickets to see if she was just tired of the CGD but this morning I found all three crickets still thriving in her cage. Her housing is an 18 x 18 x 20 exo terra cage, she has fake plant, paper towels as substance (mainly because im monitoring her feces) and the humidity peaks at about 50 and I let it drop during the day to give her natural humidity cycles. I have no idea whats going on and if she doesnt improve in the next two days I will take her to the vet.
    Any tips?
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    She may have an emeba (sp) I'd order some efix from Matt asap.

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    Whats her weight?

    With newly aquired cresties I like to keep them in a smaller environment at first to monitor them. The yellowish urates mean she is dehydrated. Try a sauna bath with a smaller enclosure that has a water dish she can reach. E-fix is a good idea also. Keep crickets out and keep fresh CGD available.

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    The word tiedye was looking for is entamoeba - do a search for it here and you should turn up some things to look for.

    Also, if your humidity only peaks at 50%, it sounds too low. I like to mist up to ~95% at night, and allow it to drop to 55%-65% during the day.

    Edit: Here's a good link about entamoeba:


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