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Thread: Some happy news!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonriseGeckos View Post
    Slightly off topic...

    Do your dogs react to your geckos? I think they must give off some sort of defensive smell (like garter snakes, but more subtle). My dog always gives his head a shake after he smells my geckos close up, just like he does after he smells a snake or newt outside.
    My dogs have never noticed any of my reptiles and vice versa. I have a custom built tank with sliding doors that I keep a bearded dragon in. My oldest dog is just about eye level with the bearded dragon and neither of them seem to care. On the other hand, the bearded dragon goes nuts if I run a roomba (I had to switch to a normal vacuum!).

    They're both labs and neither really have a prey drive. They are equally uninterested in squirrels, birds, etc.

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    congraulations on finding your gecko lol. my dads dog love chaseing lizzards, if I had an escape there it would be terriable, he has a chocolate lab.

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    one of my geckos jumped onto my miniature schnauzers beard onetime and the dogs freaked out and almost startes running but i caught her in time and the gecko was fine


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