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Thread: At waht age does everyone breed their Gargoyle Geckos?

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    Default At waht age does everyone breed their Gargoyle Geckos?

    I have heard anywhere from 8 months from one person to 2 years from another. What would everyone reccomend? Mine are 12 months old now and Im wondering how long I should wait!

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    I personally wouldn't breed mine until they were at least 16-18 months.You can breed males at a younger age as long as he's close to the female in size,so be patient and you'll have more productive and healthier geckos.BOBBY

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    I have also asked this question before, except i was asking at how many grams is ideal. I think going by age is not always the best thing. I know with cresteds, the solid answer is 35 grams. I only got one answer and the person was not 100% possative.

    So if anyone knows the ideal weight to breed, I think that would help Peter and I out.

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    I wouldnt bree dthem at any less than 2 years, jsut to be on the safe side.. a maintained weight of at least 35-40 grams would also be desireable in my opinion.

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    Default the 2 year thing is correct. I have a female that is only 1-1.5 years old and she is like 44-46 grams, so what is the danger of breeding her now? I'm not questioning the validity of what you say........I'm just curious.

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