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Thread: New T's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pturley View Post
    "She"??? Did you get lucky and find a flap in the molt?

    BTW: I love the Avics, just the urtricating hairs mess me up something bad...

    Paul E. Turley
    Just referring to the little thing as a she, in hopes that is what it turns out to be I have two molts from "her" but still too little to tell. In time!
    Abigail McDufford
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    Quote Originally Posted by pturley View Post
    I really wish I hadn't developed such a strong response to exposure to the new world species. The underside of both of my forearms breaks out in hives from exposure to just a few hairs. The old world species are not nearly as interesting to me. Broad brush, I admit. But there are just too many "pet holes" in the bunch.
    I developed the same response to the new worlds! When I started keeping tarantulas the hairs didn't bother me hardly at all, and 7-8 years later I was breaking out into big rashes all over my hands and forearms, and my hands would get puffy. And sometimes that reaction would last for as many as 5 days (getting a little bit better each day). I finally had to stop. The only Old Worlds that I had were a P. regalis and a H. lividum. The cobalt I didn't really care for myself (pet hole, like you said) and while the ornamental was in a way a pet cork bark slab, her cage was prettier, and she was mezmerizing to watch when she would venture out. I think one day I may get another poec...
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