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Thread: Found a gecko and need some help please!

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    i think hes scared of the crickets...should i change his food?

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyfetusday View Post
    lol i cant imagine living anywhere where there was such a thing as a 'common house gecko'. yeah. im from upstate ny. hes a pretty little thing though!
    they arent native here
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    It might be a bit stressed out at the moment. Do you have anything for him to hide in/under and climb on? You may want to take the legs off of the crickets and put them in a little dish, that way the gecko can just go for it whenever it wants to.

    Crickets should work fine for it though. It's likely just stressed and scared at the moment.

    How many crickets did you put in? If the gecko has nowhere to climb or hide, the crickets can seriously eat the gecko before the gecko eats them.

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    Honestly, I would just let it go. He'll live a longer, healthier life in the wild than if he is pulled out of the wild and dropped in a cage. Captive bred animals always do better.

    If you still want a gecko, get a crested gecko.
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