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Thread: How often do you clean cages?

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    Not sure how many cages/tubs I have off the top of my head.

    Anywho, for tubs (all hatchlings/juvies are housed in seperate containers), I change paper towels whenever they need it when I pull them out to feed (every 2-3 days). This usually means that I only have to clean 1/3 to 1/2 at each feeding rather than them all at once.

    If they are messy (ex: poop on the wall, cgd smudged on the wall, etc.) then the cage gets sprayed out with a 10% vinegar solution.

    Every 4-6 weeks all the tubs get bleached (I have enough to rotate, otherwise this would be impossible).

    Breeder cages get vinegar solution whenever needed (spot cleaning)...this usually happens on the weekend. Cage carpet gets soaked about ever 6-8 weeks depending on how messy they are (again, enough to rotate). I have a couple breeder cages that I just use paper towels in because they INSIST on spilling their CGD and making a complete mess all the time

    Twice a year cages get taken outside and bleached (Spring and Fall).

    Everyone does it differently, but the basic principal is: if it's dirty, clean it! If it's moldy, clean it more! Hope that helps!

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    every time we feed
    Monica Elrod
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    thanks for the feedback everyone!!

    I really like the idea of having extra tubs to circulate.. I think that will save me some hassle for sure!

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    Default What I do with my crestie

    I spray my baby crestie Rex 3 times a day so he's hydrated but I also spray any urates with water and any droppings I'll usually find because there's a soft mould on it nothing serious but with the droppings I'll spray with water then with a bit of F10 I guess spot cleaning is all you need with cresties with the occasional tear down once everything looks a bit worn.

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    Once each week on Sunday, the non feed day


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