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Thread: Live or Freeze-Dried?

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    lol, let him eat them, or put a papertowel tube with some cgd in the middle of it (inside) and leave it in there for like an hour. cover both ends and pick up the tube.

    oh thats an off the cuff idea so let me know if it works
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    we used to feed our male (who is alone in a tank) crickets from a small glass. he would just climb in and gobble them up. kind of the lazy way to hunt, but we figured it would keep them contained.

    the other week we found a cricket walking across the floor, and within days had killed 8 loose critters i HATE crickets!! (but hate roaches WAY more!!)

    we figured out that when he was perched on the glass crickets were walking up his head and out into the tank! the slider bar on the top of the screen lid was open (for cords to go through) so we figured they must be escaping through there!

    no more special treatment for that little guy! he's going to be fed crickets in the breeder boxes just like our girls do!!

    don't take anything personally that was written here! people on this site are very passionate about thier geckos and want to ensure that all geckos get the best treatment. the thought of a cricket only diet with some babyfood would make them go bananas!! we all just want people to be raising healthy cresties!


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