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Thread: Breeding stopped

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    My guess is their instincts went "this is not an optimal time to reproduce, the climate is too harsh" and stopped producing eggs, or reabsorbed what they had, until the weather was more in their natural range.
    That could be it. I have heard if females reabsorbing eggs but I have never had a female do it that I'm aware of. Wish this was something that they could do on command! No more egg binding and getting them to stop laying when we want.
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    So looks like breeding is back on. Two of my females have been digging so I decided to go through and refresh all the lay boxes. Well found 4 eggs in one box and that isn't in the cages with the two females are digging.

    Since the heat wave I have been able to keep their room down in the mid-high 70's so looks like that was the problem.

    Thanks for all the advice.


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