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Thread: First Year Breeding Results - Any advice?

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    Default First Year Breeding Results - Any advice?

    So this was out first year of breeding Crested Geckos. From what i had read a single mating should have lasted the entire season. Here is what we've actually witnessed.

    Unseen mating in spring

    1st clutch - one egg - fertile but egg split before hatchingm leaked from underneath, and did not reach full state.
    2nd clutch - 2 eggs - one fertile and hatched, the other had a leak during laying and went bad right away
    3rd clutch - neither egg hatched - both swelled but stopped about 65 days after being laid but have not hatched yet at about 90 days now
    Gecko were then re-introduced and mating witnessed right away
    4th clutch - 2 eggs laid, one just hatched, other egg still looks okay
    5th clutch - both eggs were very small and turned yellow\green after 4 or 5 days and never swelled
    No new clutch within 45 days of last clutch
    Geckos were just placed together and mated immediately once again

    So is this normal for a first time breeder to have this type of egg pattern? The female is 3 years old about 60 grams and the male is 2 years and about 45 grams. The male takes the female easily and she allows him to mate. We have been using vermiculite and a gecko egg organizer in a deli cup. the eggs are kept at about 73 degrees room temp.

    Any insights, thoughts, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The 2 hatchlings we have gotten this year are healthy and hatched at about 1.7 grams.

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    I cannot offer much insight but I have read many times before that females can have a rough start their first time breeding. Maybe she will do better next season?
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    Sounds like it could be first season issues with the one fertile one not and a final dud set at the end of the season. It's likely she'll stop laying until Spring. Usually a reintroduction of the male can help maintain fertile clutches through the breeding season (typically March-October). Also depends on your incubation medium. I don't use vermiculite so I'm not sure if it's too moist or dry, but regardless of medium you want it to be consistent, because the permeability of the egg gets set to a certain level of moisture and can dry out or become too wet ("drowned" hatchlings). I use Repashy Superhatch in a 6qt Sterilite container.

    It's also good to review your overall husbandry: diet, temperatures, cage size, laybox medium, etc. But I don't think you have an issue, next year should be better. Good luck!
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