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Thread: A sad story. (senior member in need of support)

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    Exclamation A sad story. (senior member in need of support)

    Its 6am now and I have not slept so I'm going to do my best to convey what has happened as best as I can.

    We have a member in need of some emotional support from her friends. Some of us know what its like to loose a gecko for a reason that was 100% out of our control, well we have a senior member who has lost more than one.

    As some of you know this last weekend was the San Diego Super Show. A lot of the members here used it as an opportunity to get away for a vacation, meet up with other members and to also do some shopping/herping. It was a blast.

    Amber (warnersister) and I made it into a road trip. Taking the long drive from Sacramento CA to San Diego CA. We stopped by a few members houses on the way, dropped off some animal and just made a fun trip out of it. Basically, much goofing off was involved.

    We got back home tonight around 1am after being on the road since 10:30am. Amber dropped me off at my place and continued back to her house (about 10 mins away) at about 15 mins of being home I got a phone call from a panicked Amber. It was hard to understand her but I finally got what she was saying.... her AC had gone out! It was 108f here for the last 2 days. The fan was still working and it was blowing HOT air into the house because the AC had over heated. Her house was well into the 100's! I understood that a few geckos had passed and quickly told her to pack all the others into her car and bring them over to my place. I made as many tubs and spare tanks available as quickly ask I could, Amber has a large collection.

    After some time she arrived at my place. With a little over 15 geckos and one bird. 4 of the geckos are in cool baths now and being feed pietalite to try and hydrate them.

    At this point she has lost;

    about 15 adult geckos (cresteds, chewies and gargs)
    about 20 hatchlings (not one of them made it)
    possibly all her incubating eggs
    2 birds
    4 snakes
    and one betta

    As you can guess she is devastated. I am making this post because she wants her friends to know whats has happened but I don't think she can make the post herself just now. If you are one of the individuals who has her phone number please give her a call when you get a chance. If not please post here, the more friends she has helping her through this the better!
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    SORRY AMBER!!!!!!!!
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    I am so sorry to hear this! That is a nightmare come true. <hugs> I'll be thinking of her today. To loose that many animals must be devestating. It's a good thing she got the rest to your place when she did. Best wishes.

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    oh my god.
    I am SOOO sorry to hear of your loss.

    You are such a good friend to help her out at a time like this.

    Thank you.

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    Amber I am devastated. You and your pets will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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    That is so awful, I am so sorry.

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    Sorry Amber.
    I hope the others make it.

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    OMG, how heartbreaking. I'll be thinking of you Amber.

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    that's horrible... i hope all the others are doing ok now.
    I couldn't even imagine losing that many at once.
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    That is devastating, I hope the others come around.
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