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Thread: Most expensive crested or other reptile you've ever seen!

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    Most I've seen one for is about $900 like others have said.

    However, the most I'm willing to really spend on a gecko at the moment is about $150 with shipping, so I guess you could call me a cheapskate.

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    the most expensive gecko ive seen was $900
    the most expensive reptile in general ive seen was a ball python morph and it was like $15,000+!!!!

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    We were at the Hamm show 2 weeks ago and someone had a "green" ciliatus male. I was just a faint olive colored, who fired up black. Since he said is was the only "green" he had ever seen, he asked Eu 1500,- for him. That is almost 2000 Dollar!
    So that has to be the most expensive one i have ever seen.

    And the most expensive reptile would be a snake. We have seen them at the Hamm show for 50.000 euro which is 65.000 Dollar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Interhactive Gecko View Post
    and yeah i do also believe that BP's are probably the most expensive (excluding 1 of a kind albino whatevers ) i just heard that someone had an albino chondro , but it's been on the hush hush
    I could never understand why folks get such rage-ons for albinos in any species of reptile whether it be in snake or gecko form. I guess maybe because it's a rarity and would be worth a lot of moneys but still. Eh. Gotta admit though, a pure white gecko with red eyes would be hella cool and yeah I probably would pay a pretty penny for one, so scratch the previous statement I made about bashing the rage-ons for albino morphs. What can I say, I'm an indecisive twat.


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