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Thread: Ultrasonic mister?

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    Default Ultrasonic mister?

    Anyone have any experience using a mister inside of a vivavarium? I know ther are a couple different types. I was thinking of maybe adding a small ultrasonic water mister. Not sure if it would be a good idea though. I know the effects would look superb. I can only guess by not changing the water out and keeping the mechanism clean the stagnant water in turn might have microscopic bacteria floating within the encasement. Then again that sounds alot like keeping your ammonia and nitrate lvls within parameters in a aquarium. Not sure if there is a monitoring device for the condition of the air. I guess i coyuld add a small ventitaltion fan to keep air circulating as well. Well if anyone has any input im open minded to new ideas.

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    Smile Mister/Fogger

    While I haven't used these products with cresties, I have used them in other enclosures.

    I, personally, am not a big fan of the ultrasonic foggers. I am tempted to try one in conjunction with my waterfall in my new crestie cage, but in general I'm not impressed with them. If you are aiming solely to increase humidity, and have a glass tank, or something similar, you might like it better than I do. My enclosures have screen sides/lids/lots of ventilation, so it's kind of useless. Also, it doesn't create droplets on plants/cage walls for dew drinkers to lick.

    I do however love the Habba Mist misting machine. I have 3 of them. I've used them with Panther Chameleons, Emerald Tree Boas, and Green Tree pythons. Beware that it doesn't create a fine mist, but more of a spray like a spray bottle. I love that you can set it to spray for different intervals of time, and at different intervals of time. Like you can set it to spray for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc. And you can set it to go off every hour, every 3 hours, and so on. While I do wish that the reservoir was bigger, and that the extension nozzle was longer/more directable I do really love these.
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    i dont like ultrasonic foggers.

    turn one on and stick you finger in the water, its quite a shock.
    i wouldnt want a gecko to experience that.
    plus they splash, have to have perfect water levels to fog well, and you have to constantly monitor/clean/repair them.
    and its a hassle to keep refilling the reservoir
    i would go with another style fogger, like zoo med, if you like the effect.

    good luck
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    My fogger sucks. wasted my moneylol. Go with the habba mister. Much better buy.


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