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    Does an 15 month old gecko at 5g seem a bit slight for the age if it is fed Pangea and eating normally? Looking at a really nice one but the weight based on the threads I've read here seem really to point to an underweight specimen.

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    that is small for a 1 and 1/2 year old gecko, but he just might be a really really really slow grower. if you post a picture of him, we can tell you if he is underweight.
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    I have an 11 month old that's only 5 grams and she's not getting bigger anytime soon. I guess you're just unlucky like me and got one of the super slow growers (I hatched this baby out though)
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    Here she is beside her mom, she's so tiny lol and will be a year old next month. :/ sucks waiting for them to get bigger but I mean it better be worth it when they do grow up lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Orr View Post
    That pic doesn't show a gecko too skinny for its frame. Though 5g at that age is on the small side, some geckos don't grow quite as fast as others. If the breeder has other healthy specimens larger at that age and otherwise seems like they have well-cared for geckos this could just be one of those slower growing individuals. Did the breeder mention if they ever tried this guy on bugs, and what flavors of Pangea they usually feed (some have higher protein than others)?
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